Comments by Past Lake Texoma Retreatants

Comments by Lake Texoma Retreatants

lotus_iconWhat a great day that was!

lotus_iconI feel so blessed to have attended the SRF Spring Retreat at Lake Texoma.  The environment is perfect for meditation, reflection and rejuvenation.  I felt Master’s guiding presence and blessing throughout the day.

lotus_iconMy meditations during retreat, and all week at home as well are deeper, calmer and richer.

lotus_iconSo many of the qualities at the retreat at Lake Texoma are similar to the Encinitas retreat…

lotus_iconJust seeing people outside in their respective peaceful states of mind between meditations was an addition to the experience that we don’t often get to enjoy.

lotus_iconThe beauty and tranquility of the place, the beautiful views from everywhere, and especially the peace, remained with me throughout the week.

lotus_iconI do find it a very special blessing to do the Energization Exercises together and proceed to meditation.

lotus_iconThe Texoma setting is a great location with the lake and the natural setting.

lotus_iconHer home is like a temple – SRF images, books and other literature everywhere, every floor.

lotus_iconThere is a very tangibly peaceful and spiritual atmosphere both within her home as well as the beautiful surrounding Texas landscape.

lotus_iconWe felt so similarly uplifted the way we feel when leaving Encinitas after a retreat.

lotus_iconI think local retreats really help strengthen our group cohesion by providing a unique spiritual opportunity for group fellowship in such a beneficial and beautiful environment.