Guru Purnima

Throughout the ages, devotees in India have paid homage to the guru―the divine messenger God sends to sincerely seeking souls to bring them back to Him. Each year on the sacred day of Guru Purnima, we in SRF join that worshipful tradition by offering to our own beloved Gurudeva, Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, our hearts’ gratitude as the one who can lift us from human to divine consciousness.

In his omnipresent love and wisdom, Yoganandaji reaches out to each soul who takes refuge at his feet; our part is to cultivate the ability to listen on an ever deeper level that we may receive to the fullest his guidance and grace.

In a true guru, the devoted disciple holds the love of God himself manifesting in human form. As one who expresses the intoxicating power of divine love, the master awakens the living heart of God’s love in the lives of others. Paramahansaji said, “Those who are receptive feel transported into a higher consciousness of God-perception pouring into their hearts and minds as the master speaks.”

Through the sacred meditation techniques Gurudeva taught, he has given us the most direct means of communing with him―by listening to him with the soul. If with our whole being we listen to him and follow him faithfully, he will help us to overcome every obstacle. Master assured us about the guru-disciple relationship, “Listening to the guru is an art that will take the disciple to the Supreme Goal.”

May our hearts be ever receptive to the abundance of our beloved Guru’s ceaseless blessings.

Jai Guru!